The Lantern is a very special project, where I felt listened to, understood and accepted. My introduction to the project started through a short 8 week course in Women’s Health & Well- being and here I am, a year on still involved, I’ve been on a few other courses and attended a couple of events on in the space. It’s great fun, the staff are lovely and there’s always something new happening there.


Mary | 39


I started a course in ‘Introduction to Ceramics’ in Spring 2013, I was actually quite worried as I was going on my own, and wouldn’t really be the ‘arty type’. But Darren the tutor was great, he gave all of us plenty of attention and reassurance so I felt a lot better in trying out new things. I made some great tiles that I can hang up at home or I could give them as presents. I’ve really enjoyed doing the course and chatting to other people on it. We’d great fun, it has given me more confidence to try out more creative stuff.


Olive | 32


I heard about a course in Men’s Health & Well-Being on the radio, I lost my job about two years ago, was bored, and a bit down on my luck, I was nervous about starting and rang to enquire what exactly I would be doing on the course and after talking to Norma I decided I’d give it a shot, if I didn’t like it I could always leave after the first week. When I got there I was nervous out and didn’t say a word besides my name on the first night. Leaving wasn’t sure if it was for me or not, but said I’ll give it one more try as there were other fella’s there in the same predicament as me so I could understand what they were talking about. So went back the second week and the tutor was great, we’d a good chat about life in general, I felt more comfortable and everything that was said was relevant and there was no awkwardness. No one was forced to speak but nearly everyone said something including me! Would definitely do it again


Donal | 28


Wasn’t sure what to expect on the Men’s course, but finally found a place where boy talk became man talk.


Tony | 47


I was in hospital for 5 months as I had a total mental breakdown and one of the nurses brought me to the South Pres and I started the course the following week. The course was called ‘New Beginnings’ this course was people who were experiencing mental health challenges and it is a very welcoming, healthy and safe place. I made new friends and enjoyed the classes. It gave me new tools for life, It helped me to cope better with my own mental health and gave me skills, confidence and courage to get back on my feet. After the course we decided to continue to meet as friends to heal ourselves, take responsibility for our own well-being with the support of the project. We’re still meeting every Thursday two years on and I look forward to it every week. We have grown as people with the support of each other and the staff in the space, Which has made a real big difference to our lives. In times when I was feeling low and in despair it gave me the support and strength to know that I was valued and worthwhile and I knew on a Thursday I had a safe haven to go even when I had very dark thoughts.


Victoria | 54


I came to 'The Lantern' looking for a course in 2013, I found out what courses were happening and decided to apply for a course on Effective Communication, On the course I felt encouraged, it made me stronger with the support that was offered, I’d forgotten about the importance of fun and laughter to help us to cope with life, I loved meeting people learning about other people’s experiences and challenges in life. It enabled to be more confident, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, as a neighbour. It has thought me that motivation is like bathing you need to do it on a daily basis. It provided with clarity when making decisions and a huge sense of belonging.-  The Effective Communication course helped me to be able to feel more secure in asking for my needs to be met and place more value on my opinions and my experience of the world and how I experience relationships.


Patricia | 56


The project gave me hope, and an awareness of the importance of community and working together for change. How small acts like the dignity of hello or a handshake can make a huge difference to someone who may not have a lot of self- esteem or who may be isolated or lonely. I have experienced within the project people who may be materialistically poor however their spirit and their ability to rise above adversity in their own lives is inspirational. Tis great to be part of something like 'The Lantern'


Johnny | 65


I started working in 'The Lantern' in Dec 2012 & finished in Oct 2014. I was a participant on a fas CE scheme called "The Bridge Revovery Group" & as the name suggests recovery from addiction was my priority then as it still is today.
Working in the community with "We made this" was the best thing I have ever done in my life. The people I met, stories shared over cups of tea, joy, grief, hope, despair, community, it was all there, to be shared.
Even though I no longer work in "We made this" the friendships & connections I made there will live on forever. I couldn't say enough about the place only that it saved my life & built me up so I could do for myself once more. I will always be grateful for what "We made this" did for me. I am a living miracle!






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