Our Approach: 

To most people, design is a product or a logo that looks good, works well and comes from a drawing made by a designer. But there’s more to design and designers than that. Design is also a process for finding out what people need and then coming up with ways to make it happen.

Design is about getting up close to the problem we’re trying to solve and working directly with the people we’re trying to help. It’s not so much about us having the right ideas but helping others to have them by creating the right environment for people to express themselves, or just by listening and being supportive. That’s how unexpected discoveries and new connections are made and it’s how routes to solving problems are opened up. That’s the kind of design we’re trying to do at the Lantern.

We aim to create a safe space for the people within our project to come up with good ideas regarding personal, social and community development; ideas that will help to build more resilient communities and people.  Using processes like global café and visualisation group work, the ideas are then tested and prototyped and then we reflect on our actions to see has the idea worked or not and could it be main streamed. 

For example, we facilitated a process for local groups and young people who identified the need for a safe space for young people to meet. This led to us partnering with Foroige to establish a youth café and other youth work services. 

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