The Lantern Community Project has been evolving since 2007. It grew from the invitation of the Presentation Sisters to see if the vacant school and convent, South Presentation, Evergreen St could be used to meet needs in the community. After extensive consultations with the local community and agencies in the city, the ‘We Made This’ Community Initiative came into being as a place of welcome, inclusion and learning.

The project was developed using the concept of user led design, whereby a safe space is created for the people to come up with ideas regarding personal, social and community development, to build more resilient communities and people.

The project was based in the South Presentation site on Evergreen Street until July 2014. This site is currently undergoing redevelopment and renovation. The Lantern Community Project has relocated temporarily to 14 Georges Quay until works have been completed and then we will be moving back in to a dedicated community space.

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